Mai Wah Society

Year of the Ram (2003) Chinese New Year's Parade

In this Year of the Ram, the Mai Wah Society's New Year Celebration erupted on the afternoon of Saturday, February 1st. A melodrama set in Chinatown was produced and performed in the Rotunda of the Courthouse by the Orphan Girl Players for the entertainment of a crowd of about 250. The parade followed immediately after the show from the County Courthouse on the corner of Montana and West Granite Streets...

...and made its way through the slushy Uptown streets to the Mai Wah and Wah Chong Tai buildings on West Mercury Street.

...where refreshments, an open house, and more than 10,000 firecrackers followed.

The parade was led by the dragon donated to Montana's Chinese community in 1998 by the Republic of China's Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission.

The dragon was built in Taipei especially for Montana celebrations and made its way to the United States by freighter from Taiwan to Seattle. Then, thanks to Wal-Mart, the dragon made it to Butte by truck in time to celebrate its first Chinese New Year in Montana.