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Double your donations in 2014

An anonymous donor will match all donations to the Mai Wah's Hoyt Curator fund received during 2014, up to $2,000. This is an opportunity for you to support our ongoing curatorial efforts and to have your donation doubled. To contribute, you can send a check to the Mai Wah Society, PO Box 404, Butte, MT 59703 and be sure to indicate that you want your donation to go to the Hoyt Curator Fund. We appreciate your support!

Past News

June 2013: The first four banners consituting the Chinn Family Exhibit are on disply on the top floor of the museum. Soon, the exhibit will be expanded with a touch-screen computer-based research station containing detailed information about immigration and the Chinn family's life in Butte. Additional banners, providing interpretation for the Digging Butte's Chinatown, Wah Chong Tai Mercantile, and Noodle Parlor exhibits, are also in place. Funding for these banners came from the Montana Cultural Trust (Chinn Family), Janet Sperry Exhibits Fund (Digging Butte's Chinatown and Noodle Parlor), and the Confucius Institute (Wah Chong Tai).

  • January 2013: Janet Sperry has made a second donation of $13,000 to support the Merle and Edith Hoyt Curatorial Chair. You can find details in the January 2013 Newsletter. Thanks Janet!

  • 2,500 objects returning to Mai Wah

    The loan arrangement with the Montana Heritage Commission, to return a huge collection of cases and artifacts originally in the Wah Chong Tai Mercantile, has been finalized. Read the press release here. Dec. 2010.
  • The new Archaeological Dig Exhibit is open. More than 140 objects are on display, ranging from gaming dice to bone toothbrushes. The full-color, 24-page booklet on the exhibit is also available at the museum for $5.00 per copy. Thanks to the Montana Historical Society's County History Initiative for generous support for cases and printing the booklet. Brenda Shea and Bob McMurray also donated cases for the display.

  • Museum Manager Lindsay Lambrecht shows off part of the new archaeological dig exhibit.

  • Three antique cabinets that likely originated in a Butte Chinese doctor's office have been donated to the Mai Wah by Don and Jo Rigg of Chinese Healing Arts in Helena. The fascinating cabinets, in excellent condition, are on display in the Mercantile Room (Wah Chong Tai building). Thanks to Don and Jo!
  • The Mai Wah was awarded a $2000 grant from the Montana Historical Society's County History Initiative to research, display, and print a brochure about the 2007 archaeological dig in Butte's Chinatown. Janet Sperry and Dick Gibson are taking the lead on this effort, which expects to have the display ready for visitors by this coming June 2010.
  • Jim Griffin and Robert Edwards report that the bathroom plumbing should be complete in time for the Chinese New Year celebration on Feb. 20. We won't turn the water on if the weather is cold, but it's great to have this project completed. (Photos below)